Our Services

Fine Jewelry Sales

Discover Incredible Designs

An exquisite fine jewelry piece is timeless. We travel the world discovering incredible designs which have an effortless wearability while still delivering that essential “wow” factor. We offer a wide selection of quality high-end jewelry that can be tailored to fit any occasion.

Redesign and Repairs

Enhance The Look and Feel

very jewel deserves to look it’s very best. We enjoy “re-inventing” unworn, out-dated pieces of jewelry, and updating it to fit your style and taste. From a simple jewelry repair to more complex redesign, we will enhance both the look and feel of your valued treasures.

Jewelry Appraisals

Evaluate Each Piece

Your most prized gems hold worth that goes beyond a price tag, but understanding their value can help you protect them. We examine and evaluate each piece to determine its background and market price. You may even discover you have a rare treasure in your collection.

We Offer Private Evaluations

Come by our showroom to experience our various services for yourself. We offer private appointments and heirloom evaluations for those seeking a highly personalized experience. To schedule an appointment, click on the link below, fill out the contact form in its entirety, and an associate will contact you shortly.